Amanda Gorman is an Australian Artist who works in a variety of mediums. Amanda is endlessly creative and draws inspiration constantly from the world around her. Be it a leaf on the wind or a pattern on a shirt, she is forever gaining new ideas around her and sees the world as her muse.  
Some of her most prevailing works are her realism sketches of people and animals where she scans her tirelessly hand drawn pieces and reworks them using her digital skills to create popping colours and  shapes over, under and around them. 

Illustration is another one of her sought after styles and she describes Digital Illustrating as 
"The most fun you can have at your desk." 
It brings her immense joy creating her little characters with their whimsical ways. Amanda has just released a childrens' 'Gratefullness Diary' as part of the COVID -19 Pandemic, to let children record their thoughts, memories and gain some motivation and inspiration along the way. 

Her upcoming exhibition 'UNDERCURRENT' ( to be rescheduled due to COVID - 19 ) 
features large scale Ink pieces inspired by the sea. 
The Abstract nature of these bodies of work allows Amanda to step away from the accuracy her realism work requires and be able to create billowing ink flows with robust pigments on a large scale. 

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